Montagu Wedding fairytale & home handover

A tragic event is turning into a joyous celebration. When a young man’s house burnt to the ground on the 6th June 2020, his wedding plans seemed impossible. We decided to play cupid... On Thursday 25 June we were part of this fairytale wedding at 16h00 and then after, the hand over of their new Wendy home that has been generously donated by angels, so many helping hands to make this possible. A home handover & a wedding, a first for RAM - Rescue Among Many!

Ellen Pakkies Women’s Day 2019

Montagu is also plagued by social ills like gender based violence, bullying and drug abuse. To try and change mindsets and create a dialogue around these issues, RAM in association with 1000 Women 1 Voice decided to make a day of it, and screen the movie based on Ellen Pakkies' life story, combined with a talk by Ellen Pakkies herself to bring awareness and to open the conversation about these issues

Mandela Day 2019

Check out some of our amazing projects that we implemented for Mandela Day 2019. Thank you to all those who contributed to ensure the day was a success. So many schools, people, and even our furry friends were touched by your generous donations and support in ensuring a better tomorrow for them.

Youth Day June 2019

Youth Day gifting on the 17th of June 2019 in Montagu - hosted at W.A. Rossouw Primary School. Thank you to Principal Adams and staff for giving us the honor of putting smiles on the faces of the children.
We built and furnished a small sick room for a rural school in Montagu. Every sick child needs a safe place to recover, the distance to go home for these rural kids is vast - often walked by them on foot.

Drought Relief Project – Oudtshoorn 2019

Much-needed water, fodder, and groceries was delivered to a drought-stricken farming community in Oudtshoorn in the Little Karoo. A fellow non-profit organisation, South African Water Warriors, initiated and distributed the donations received from our fellow South Africans. Blessings showered over Oudtshoorn, with many angels restoring hope, love, and life to our animals, farmers, and workers.