Winter outreach August 2016

Warm blankets, soup and bread for the elderly and a blanket and some shoes for the kiddies were delivered to very happy folk in August 2016.

These gifts and meals were received with such gratefulness. The folk are so orderly hoping they will receive something. Some extremely thin and in need of more help. Some although not the look of an undernourished body, are not in a good space and in other areas of need. We gave him a beautiful blanket which made him smile.

Thanks again and again to the wonderful staff of #imaginecruisingsa. We are so appreciative of your constant support of the less fortunate and truly make our job so fruitful knowing folk will be better off when we leave. Together we always leave our mark of improvements.

We can feed people, but it won’t keep them warm at night. For some we have seen them wear a blanket as a form of clothing as its all they have thats warm. Thumbs up to you.

To Mama Africa, Selestien Moses & her team of volunteers. Thank you for taking us around to show us where some of the most frail old folk are, to save them the burden of walking to us. Helping us serve the soup and bread and handing out blankets. So too the shoes and blankets for the kiddies. You are angels.

We did not cover nearly a fraction of what we hope to do, but with constant donations of blankets and warm clothing we can help more elderly and children. Winter is still with us so we hope we can make another trip soon.

Edit: We also delivered 20Lt container of cabbage stew at Lingelihle Old Age home in Zolani, Ashton.

Once again God blessed us with wonderful donations to help them in this way.

Some of our recipients: