Our work with the elderly

We work with the elderly across all races. To maximise our reach, we try to work with established homes for the elderly, by determining what their needs are and providing what we can.

The resources they need range from food items, toiletries, linen and occasional treats.

We currently run an “adopt a Grandma/ Grandpa” programme where individuals can sponsor an elderly person currently living in a home. The sponsorship can include toiletries, sweets, treats and a juice.

Our next aim is to organise field trips for the residents where we take them out of the home for the day, this would entail hiring comfortable buses and having a safe venue for them to visit. In the same spirit we are looking to organise visits to their home where guests can administer massages and touch therapy.

We also have a need for food items to feed individuals who aren’t living in an institution.


Some of our Recent and Ongoing Projects:


Lingelihle Old Age Home in Ashton

  • DOWNLOAD Case Study on helping them become regulatory compliant.
  • DOWNLOAD Case Study on sprucing up of Dining Area/TV Hall.


Bram Care Centre, Ashton

We supplied them with a Fridge / Freezer as well as medical equipment which was dearly needed. An Urn and Outside Security Lights.


Hospice Robertson & Bram Care Centre, Ashton

Linen donated – We made several delivery trips of linen in 2016 to various institutions. Hospice, Bram, Children’s Hostel Montagu, Rocka Bye Baby House, and more. Linen donated to RAM by Panorama Medi-Clinic.

Christmas Functions:

  • We had a Christmas function bringing three Old Age Homes from Montagu and Ashton, with different cultures, together.
  • We have been working on supplying clothes and shoes to the elderly in need to be able to attend church on Christmas day.
  • Food parcels and a soup kitchen on occasion (like Mandela Day 2016, Christmas etc.) to feed the older folk and children.
  • Much needed toiletries and a chocolate treat delivered in December 2016 to the elderly folk in great need.