Donations and items that will make a difference in our rural folk’s lives:

If you can help in any way, please let us know!

  • January Food Drive: January is a month that is known as the month with 45 days for many destitute families. Annually in mid January we try to do food parcels for families in rural winelands areas who only have 3 months seasonal work. Dry foods like tea, rice, sugar, sunflower oil, tinned foods, pockets of onions and potatoes and other vegetables/fruits are hugely needed.
  • Food & Goods throughout the year: We deliver food parcels and host soup kitchens for the elderly and children throughout the year, so are always in need of food to do this.
  • Plastic containers to serve soup to the elderly & children (i.e. old margarine/yoghurt or other usable containers with lids if you can).
  • Shoes and socks for school children are always needed.
  • May/June Winter Delivery: We are in need of warm blankets to donate to elderly and children in need that face the cold weather with little to keep them warm.
  • Toiletries for our elderly and school children are needed throughout the year.
  • “Adopt a Grandma/ Grandpa” programme – you can sponsor an elderly person currently living in a home. The sponsorship can include toiletries, sweets, treats and a juice.
  • Stationery, computers and other educational equipment are greatly needed in our farm schools.
  • Any donations of books (new or second hand) for our 2 formal libraries at Montagu Schools, and a new informal library at an old age home.
  • Do you know of a fundraising opportunity for us? We currently run food stalls at certain Fun, Open and Sports Days and events like the Pinelands SAPS Community Fun Day, SABBS Boerboel Appraisal Day, Williston Winter Festival etc. with stalls donated to us. Please let us know if you have another opportunity for us by clicking here.
  • We are in need of prizes for raffles that we are doing to raise funds. If you have any valuable items that you could donate to us to use as a prize in our raffle, we need you!
  • We have a raffle running at the moment with an awesome prize! Let us know if you are willing to take a raffle form to collect entries for the raffle, or would like to enter our latest raffle.
  • Collection Tins: We have collection tins available that could be displayed in your shop or business, please contact us if you are willing to do so.
  • December food parcels and Christmas Functions: Please get in touch if you can help with Christmas shoeboxes and food etc for this time of year.
  • We need volunteers to collect/ deliver/ help us sort through donations/ admin duties and for fundraising events. Let us know what you are willing to help with here.
  • Please like our Facebook Page and Twitter Page where we are constantly communicating on specific things we may need.
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Please let us know if you can help with any of our various projects and causes! Remember to mention which cause is closest to your heart.