Our work with the youth

We supply food to ECD centres and to rural schools who hold after school programmes for the learners. The learners are also in need of clothing, shoes (some of the learners walk up to 12km to get to school and a lot of them do it without shoes) and toiletries as the circumstances in those rural areas are quite dire, and the environment is harsh. A lot of the parents in those areas are seasonal workers, meaning they only have employment for 3 months in a year which means they struggle for a large part of the year.



Talana Farm School, Montagu

Ongoing support of learners and staff by way of food, shoes, clothing, educational supplies and equipment.

– We supplied them with a Double Door Display Fridge that they needed.

– RAM delivered socks in June 2016.

– 28 May 2016 – As part of our 5-year celebrations we took the children on a trip to Cape Town.

Together with Imagine Cruising SA & UK and their staff, each child got a pair of school shoes, goody bag, sweets and treats. Busses were sent to Montagu to bring this school to Cape Town and they returned home each with a pair of school shoes and a new vision of the big world that lies beyond Montagu.
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Ashbury Primary, Montagu

  • Over 1000 children with no library. We managed to set up a formal library for them.
  • Entrepreneurial classes for mentally challenged children. For children that are too old for school we have set up a sewing machine for the girls and electrical woodwork equipment for the boys to teach them the skills they need.
  • A class of mentally challenged children had their TV and DVD machine stolen. They work hard with eye & hand coordination, and on a Friday they are taught the skill of leisure baking and watching movies. We delivered a TV & DVD machine in June 2016.



We help another NPO called Weskus Helpers in Vredenburg to set up and stock a Matric Farewell Clothing Bank for underprivileged children, so they can also attend their Matric Ball. Read more here.


Mandela Day 67 minutes

In 2016 we served soup and bread to 320 folk. Children received a mug, yogurts from Sonnendal Dairies, a glass of Coke and small toys & sweets. Plus shoes received from Sal’s Shoes UK and clothing, toiletries were handed out. Read more here.


Dictionaries, stationery etc. in November 2016

Dictionaries delivered to Baden Primary in Montagu (farm school) together with 72 pencils, 36 colour pencils and a mixed bag of colour pencils thanks to Carol Muller. Then 2 more dictionaries at Talana Primary (rural school) plus 2 computer desks and 2 chairs. Heart rendering stuff for RAM. The computer literacy has begun.  Read more here.