January Outreach 2017

What a fruitful day we had delivering food, shoes, clothing, school shoes, socks, undies and toiletries to folk in need in Montagu.


Thanks to Peninsula Beverages Worcester for spending the day with RAM handing out Coca Cola. We were spoilt with something cold on a day that was 42 degrees! Johnny and staff were awesome keeping glasses filled.


We thank so many folk who helped with this delivery. We cannot do this work without your help. Thanks to each and everyone who contributed in some way or another.


We also want to thank Imagine Cruising SA for the funding and support to purchase the items we may still have needed to ensure a comprehensive food parcel. We are truly most appreciative of your assistance and care.


To Jannie Moses and staff who gave the hall and their time freely to assist RAM, thank you so much. Without you we could not have done so well. Jannie also went out to pick up the elderly who can’t walk and returned them home. He worked at it the whole day. WOW we are blessed to have this pastor work so closely with us and always so happy to assist.


Huge thanks to Sal’s Shoes UK for donating shoes to our rural kids. At the end of last year www.littlekickers.co.za hosted an in-country collection. This week the shoes collected in and around Cape Town found their new feet amongst young attendees from rural areas at an outreach event hosted by RAM. Most of the children who received a pair of Sal’s Shoes were either barefoot or wearing a pair of shoes at least two sizes too small.


Thanks to Community Chest of the Western Cape for the School Shoes, socks, & toiletries we were able to hand out at a farm school.
The school sent some of the kiddies over with a teacher. Visibly they had no shoes…the other were still in class which the teacher took back to the school for hand out at the end of school day. We also gave them each socks plus the excess to the school who will distribute to the most pressing. This is normal for these kiddies not to have shoes so we are eternally grateful to present them with your wonderful gifts.


A few more photos of our event plus food parcels that we delivered to Spasina, who gives her home to run a Sunday School soup kitchen for kiddies who would otherwise not receive the Word as there are no funding for a building, according to the pastor who serves there. We have worked with Spasie for over 5 years and appreciate what she does for the community.

Thanks goes to:
Imagine Cruising SA
Caring Daisies – Kaapstad
Community Chest of the Western Cape
Sal’s Shoes UK
Viking Fishing Waterfront staff
Selecta Phippi staff
Gehardt & Alicia
Andriesa & Conrad
Karin Murphy
Irene & Marianne van Dyk
Leslie Brown from Seeff Pinelands
Luis Embalo
Errol Solomon
Alvin Oldale
Samayya Davenhill
Carol Muller
Dawn Apsey


Blessings on this wonderful day was had by us all. Xxx