COVID-19 Response 2020

This year has been a gruelling heartbreaking year for many, with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing lockdowns and closing down businesses. For a town largely dependent on tourism and wine sales, it has been especially devastating for the small rural towns of Montagu and Ashton and surrounds that we mostly service. This year saw backbreaking soup kitchens and food parcel handouts, weekly and even bi-weekly drives from Cape Town to Montagu and back, our trusty bus (called Sibusiso) making many trips filled to the brim with food and goods.

We took hands with other NGOs in Montagu and Cape Town to keep our feeding schemes working non stop during the heart of the pandemic when food security was at its lowest. Due to many loosing their jobs the situation remains dire.

We thank our many sponsors and donators that stepped up and supplied for this higher need, and also to the many new supporters that helped us, we have no words to adequately thank you!

Snapshot: 3 July 2020

The crowds just kept coming, we fortunately had loads of soup cooked by Daily Dietitian Claremont
Donations of oranges from 1000 Women 1 Voice plus meals distributed from Rise Against Hunger Africa

To one of our trusty soup kitchens, Spasina who cooks in our absence ensuring not only that the poorest are fed, but also that they get a church service form her small home on Sundays. She runs services all day to accommodate as many as possible. Thank you Spasina for your ongoing love & care serving the poorest when you also have nothing.

Our ECD Sakhikamva ECD in Mandela Square in Montagu receiving goods for the soup kitchen. Principal Dulcie cooks up a storm for the area and in our absence ensures all the children and elders get something to eat daily or as we can. She covers a vast area. We also love cooking and serving meals from this ECD.

We are shared some Rise Against Hunger Africa meals for the days we are not serving. Many elders and children benefit from these lovely meals.

Rainbow of Hope for donating bread, making hundreds of face masks and other food and much needed items. You are truly a stalwart.

Thanks once again to Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages always willing to help.

Hillsong Church South Africa blessed us handsomely with food parcels and goods which we are able to share with our soup kitchen that run all week for the days we are in CT.

Oakland Dairies for your loving support to our farm worker families spanning over many years and now covid-19 destitute folk who are without salaries for a long period. Our children are suffering too.

Thanks to The Angel Network – Western Cape for funds that helped so many in need.

Imagine Holidays South Africa for all the extras we were able to buy. Truly a company we can always rely on to assist. The freedom of having the abili

ty to purchase the necessary is a huge relief.

Dare to Share for always thinking of us.

Folks it was cold, really cold. The hot nutritional foods are important to embrace the body against illnesses. We can only do this with your help. Please continue your support to enable us to do more than just a cup of soup. What goes into our meals are the most important.

Thanks once again to all the helping hands standing together as one. Together we are making a difference.

Thank you JD Stemmet Vervoer and wonderful staff for always coming up trumps for us. They transported too much to count over this last year often at the last minute notice. Their dedication is above and beyond.

We are truly inspired and humbled by everyone who have come together in these covid – 19 times. From transport for dry & refrigerated … to funding… to donated dry ingredients…to support in Montagu & Ashton….to accommodation…. to every single angle who assists to help us help those in need. Even our accountants are just amazing & phenomenal in times where we are shorthand. Everybody pulling together.

Olin & Dorsica Kiewietz and their Change Agents South Africa team for assisting during the hard lock down and some months after with cooking and distributing of food. Highly appreciated.

Avalon Springs Hotel and Spa Resort – for assisting with accommodation as well as packing and distributing food parcels.

Montagu-Ashton Tourism Association, Anne-Marie Coetzee & Manager Mareletta Van Zyl Mundey – thank you for going the extra mile when we need help/deliveries and keeping us informed. We appreciate you.

End of 2020 our bus could no more, and started breaking down on the way to Montagu a few times leaving us stranded. Thanks to a generous donation by John & Helen Cross our UK angels for the funds to fix our bus for now. True stalwarts. We don’t know how RAM would have made it through this gruelling year without you.

Thank you to each person who is contributing in one way or another – Together we making a difference.