May is RAM’s birthday month: 10 years = tin

❤️  Special request – please share our poster, so more people can get involved and hear of our work. Growing the super caring RAM family!! 😘 ‼️

RAM – Rescue Among Many NPO 156-220 is celebrating 10 years in MAY! As you know 10 years = tin.
Why not support the RAM – Rescue Among Many efforts this year by donating some tin foods that we can include in our food parcels for our 10 year celebrations? We work with children, elderly, disabled, animals and farm workers that are really struggling in this COVID times, and are currently supplying food and other necessities as we can to 4 food stations (soup kitchens) in the poorest communities of Montagu.

It is our 10th birthday in May, and we are collecting non perishable food, vegetables and meat for our soup kitchen pots and monetary donations for the Wendy home we are buying to bring together 6 orphans that were all separated about a year ago when their single mother died.

1. Share our post in your feed and groups
2. Donate tin & non perishable food
3. Donate soup and food ingredients for our big pots (we are in Cape Town and can collect)
4. Donate to RAM account with the REF: 10years – every little bit helps!

EFT into the RAM Rescue Among Many bank account:
RAM Charity Projects
FNB 6255 289 5785
Branch: Century City

For international donations to PayPal:
You can find many more ways to donate here:

We thank every person and company that has already donated. You are awesome, and is making a huge difference! Many who will join us in May at our birthday celebrations. Thank you don’t feel enough. Please look at our Facebook feed as we keep on thanking our donors. That is how we believe it should be done.

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