RAM makes a difference in April 2016

Donations delivered in April 2016 to rural areas in the Western Cape.

Hospice Roberson - linen (check the smiles) These folk do a sterling job and appreciate anything they can get to make their job lighter. They home care many.
Bram Frail Care Centre - Ashton - linen, yogurts, fin heater, cot
Lingelihle old age home, Zolani - food, meat, curtains, curtain rails, cooked stew, cooked soup.
Huis Uitvlucht Old Age Home, Montagu - yogurts.
Huis van Veldin, a hostel in Montagu - linen, pillows, blankets, yogurts, wall paint.
Hospice Montagu - clothing & kitchenware
Ashbury Primary School, Montagu - Stationery, sweets, socks.
Talana Primary on farm road, Montagu - stationary and sweets & treats.


Lingelihle Old Age Home staff were in tears of relief for the food. So too thanked God for the curtains and rails which will help to make them compliant as an establishment, therefore ensuring they may receive more old folk intake, which will relieve their broken cash flow. They just need another R4000 for relocating their sluice to make them compliant. Can we make this happen for them?

UPDATE: Read more here on how we completed this project in June 2016...


Another eye opener for me was Huis van Veldin children’s hostel. The children must bring their own bedding and for many they do not sleep on pillows at home on weekends so do not have any to bring along. Together with the linen and paint donation, we will take photos of the transformation. We want to thank the cook who so kindly made us a lasagne and salad knowing we were off our feet and not up to cooking for ourselves. How awesome was that of her. We enjoyed it a lot and have more for today. Hugs.


Then our children at Ashbury Primary School who are mentally challenged. Here teacher Henda teaches them awesome skills. They use beads to make jewellery, this helps with their eye coordination. She teaches them baking skills too. But on a Friday, its a day of fun...leisure baking and eating. Plus watching DVD's ....but sadly the DVD machine and radio was stolen recently. Should anyone have one to spare please get in touch. It would mean so much to them.


UPDATE: Thanks to Robin Benting for donating a TV and DVD machine in June 2016.

More DVD's from Robin was handed over to Amanda from Lingelihle old age home in Zolani. Thank you Robin, these gifts are most appreciated.



Blessings in abundance! Thanks to these people and companies for donating generously for our April 2016 delivery:

Panorama Medi Clinic for lots and lots of linen, blankets, pillows, baby clothes and blankets, coverings and towels. A beautiful cot.
Imagine Cruising SA and staff for lots of stationery.
Sonnendal Dairy for donating 1000 yogurts.
Goodwood SAPS staff Babie, Nolene, Jane, Deliah, Rona donating lots of tinned foods and cooked soup.
SARS Bellville staff donating loads of vegetables, potatoes, onions & tinned foods, bedding, duvet sets. Thanks to Andriesa Jacobs for arranging. We don’t have all the names but thank you xx
Marianne & Irene van Dyk for loads of pasta and tuna.
Lions Club Edgemead for the sweets/treats arranged by Allan Donaldson
Laminin Paints Somerset West for 20 litres of paint. Owner DJ vd Merwe we are grateful. Thanks to Jenny Liebenberg for arranging.
Renette Reid for arranging soup powder with her company. That soup saved us many a day.
Deon Snyders for 10kg soya mince - this mince also saved many a day for Ram.
Supertrax CC for supplying us with curtain rails at cost price for Lingelihle Old Age Home, otherwise it would have been impossible to purchase.
Viking Fishing Waterfront Trust Fund for donating R5000 towards purchasing the rails. Thanks to Devi Frenchman for arranging.

Here we can clearly see how each played a role however big or small, together collectively we made a difference. You made RAM very proud. We salute you!