Mandela Day Soup Kitchen 14 July 2017

We recently served bread, milk, clothing, blankets & toiletry packs and approximately 500 folk/children with soup on 14 July 2017.  Thank you to all the volunteers who made it possible to serve approx 500 folk last Friday in Montagu, Western Cape. We had 350lts of soup and the folk just kept coming!

Thank you must go to Carol Muller, Jonathan Muller, Dorisca & Olin Kiewietz, Piet de Jager, Lionel Thebus, Steve Bruton, Spasina and the whole Change Agents South Africa team. As with these things challenges are inevitable but all went down smoothly in the end. Olin and Dorisca had their hands full with some stuff as well as gearing up to a weekend camp yet still came to support us. Piet is medically not the best but still kept stirring the pots, handing out bread, milk or wherever he saw a need for, when he should just have relaxed! Jonathan came through for the people even though he runs his own business. Lionel was also a strong support everywhere. The CASA team took control of the names and signatures, photographer, helping hand out correct size clothing. Spasina was in charge of the shoes and her tiny home was our cloakroom.

Setting up on an uneven street area is also difficult. Carol fell and we had plenty of towbar knee knocks… however sickness and knocks did not stop the wonderful spirit. We all pulled through.

RAM have done this for years but never with so many hands! What a blessing. And this time we had enough soup for all plus a bit extra for some of the kids later.


We need your help please..

We are gearing up to doing another soup kitchen for Ashton with a larger amount of folk who are in need of some care. We are hoping to look at making 400lts of soup.  Our 2nd #mandeladay celebrations this month.

We still have some soup mix, some split peas & samp from Shereen & Leslie Brown.

We require more split peas, beans, soup meat, quite a bit of veg, onions, potatoes to add to our pots. We also looking for a 100 lt pot.  Blankets & warm jackets/jerseys. Any donation in cash or kind towards these would be most appreciated. TIA

Please we also need your empty margarine/butter containers, or ice cream & yogurt containers with lids to serve the soup in. These folk do not have containers at all.

Please let us know if you can help on