Laptop donations to Ashbury Primary

31 July 2017 – This has got to be the best moment & day in the life of RAM!! See also our 2nd soup kitchen, Dolls all the way from New York handed over to an ECD and our First Pilot Home Project.

Reaching fruition of a burning heartache RAM felt when we were told the rural high school in Ashton had shut its Technology classes for 2017 as a result of the lack of students at the rural primary school in Montagu … having no functional computers for more than 4 years for over 1000 children. No Technology = not much hope of a grand future….but not so anylonger!!

Thank you to Imagine Cruising UK, Imagine Cruising SA Imagine Holidays who donated 10 brand new Laptops and a 2.5m x 1.4m Gold Embossed Picture Frame with a vision of …”now the world can be your oyster” and local Montagu business man Johan Marais Financial Services who shared our heartache when he read about our “Long Walk for Technology”

We are well on the road to where we want to be. So far donations from:-
1. Imagine Cruising – 10 Laptops plus smart bags with all software.
2. Johan Marais Financial Services – 1 new Laptop & software loaded from SANGOTeCH in Jhb. Thank you too Arnold for this wonderful gift.
3. GovChat – 2 new Tablets.
4. Brownie Points & Pascale & Mrs Henke – Cash donation towards 1 Laptop.
5. Louwtjie Jacobs – His own Laptop.

Already committed to the school with our Walk for Technology function:
UWC – 1 new Laptop
GovChat – another new Tablet.

How do we say thank you effectively other than our kids have a future! Priceless.

Our hearts are beating, our pulse moving. We just need another 11 laptops or PC’s to conclude our event.

For the month of #mandeladay – we could not have asked for more! Blessings abundantly. Thank you dear Lord Jesus for these gifts. You know our hearts.