No more JanuWORRY – outreach January 2019

What a spectacular time we had! Serving folk who was so happy to receive something to eat or Toiletries to stay fresh and socks / undies for the children. Best Juices/Yogurts/Milk/Cheese, Cold meats, Coke, Sweets, Toys as most did not have a Christmas party this year.

Thank you to so many for assisting us in making a difference to our poorest folk in Montagu.

NO more JanuWORRY.

We are so taken a back at how much we received for our annual mid-January food parcel event.  Thank you Pick n Pay for this huge grand donation of 50 food bucket hampers. We are in total awe….
Thank you angel Hazel Levin for your wonderful love.

Thank you Shoprite South Africa for bread donation to go with our food parcels and serving nutritious delicious soup. Most appreciated you coming all the way from Cape Town. How blessed we were.

Thank you Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages for a whopping 60 x 1.5 litres of Coke. We are over the moon and very grateful for your assistance to RAM over many, many years. We appreciate you greatly.

Oakland Dairies thank you for the very best milk, cheese, yoghurt and juice ever!  Our Montagu poorest are getting such a wonderful gift. Thank you so so much. We are as always very appreciative and grateful.

Thank you Montagu Foods for donating 504 bottles tomato sauce. Most, most grateful. We used of our last bottles in our 100 Lt pot Spaghetti Bolognaise and it was delicious.
Thanks Sharon Hunlun for collecting. Appreciate you very much.

Thank you Desire October for your kindness in donating R500 towards our food parcels. We could pay for much needed fresh produce and vegetables, so much goodness for our rural poor!

Thanks to Alvin Oldale and company Signage Installation & Services for supplying not only our transport Friday but also supplying another vehicle and trailer Saturday with 2 staff members.

What a day with the greatest support.

Thanks goes to the team Ragmat Baron, Tasneem Peters, Kurt Peters, Mom Nasiba Baron , Renee Beck, Sharon Hunlun, Steve Bruton, and our 3 new Special Projects girls Jehaan, Safiyah & Nadheerah. Our mascots did a sterling job. They were in charge of the sweets/toys. Packing, stacking according to girls/boys. Tasneem assisted bringing complete order to the handing out. What a great experience for the 3 girls. Sharing is one of he most wholesome feelings in the world. Steve was so grateful to have Kurt’s pair of helping hands.

Thank you also to Grace Church Thornton, Pastor Clifford Rutter & Peter Herring who arranged an awesome Carols by Candlelight Event in December 2018 to assist with getting donations and awareness of our January Food Drive. Thanks also to Thornton Community, Pinelands Community, ZABRA – AfreeBra initiative, Imagine Cruising SA

Even our toiletries came through in the end. Last minute bail out by Rainbow of Hope. Thank you also to angel Alison Alexander helping us with our toiletry parcels.

Happiness at WA Rossouw School in Montagu

Delivered much much needed shoes, stationery & socks. Extremely grateful staff and the governing body prayed over us. Thank you Toughees for the awesome, extremely good quality shoes.  Community Chest of the Western Cape for the hand soap dispensers and Johanna Kotze & LHL for the stationery.

New school year, brightly polished shoes. Thank you Herbert Bührer & Dare to Share

Children CD’s to Juf Henda’s special class. Love these children to bits. Thanks to Johanna Kotze & LHL

Our golden oldies Lingelihle old Age Home enjoying fruit bars donated by Rubi’s Rainbow of Hope and yogurt and juice will be part of lunch today and for supper.

Thank you angels at Oakland Dairies, Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages, Pick n Pay, Old Mutual South Africa, Imagine Cruising SA, Imagine Holidays, Grace Church, Community Chest of the Western Cape, Oakland Dairies, Sexy Socks, Rubi’s Rainbow of Hope, Johanna Kotze & LHL, Herbert Bührer & Dare to Share, Blxck. couture, Desire October, Renette Read, Rainbow of Hope, Signage Installation & Services, HOOP – Bok Radio Gemeenskaps Projek