RAM’s 8th Birthday Celebrations – May 2019

What better way to celebrate than through the gifting others

This day was one of those days that felt like a week in one day. So many lives changed and different things happening. New friends made. Thank you to Carol and Steve Bruton for months of planning and collecting and asking and receiving. Culminating in this fantastic day in Ashbury, Montagu. For RAM’s 8th birthday celebration. But actually, any excuse will do to arrange another day to spoil the people of rural Montagu.

So many people helped and donated and prayed and drove from far to make it all happen. We will add individuals and companies names here tomorrow.

Presenting of home to mother and son,and a joyous celebration with neighbours.

What an amazing day RAM – Rescue Among Many  had in Ashbury, Montagu on 25 May 2019. A deserving mother and her 12 year old son received the keys to their own little nutec home. It was a great surprise and the neighbours joined in welcoming them to the community.

Many thanks are in order to all those who assisted and donated towards the building and furnishing of the home.

To John and Helen Cross this project would not have been possible were it not for your generous donation to build this beautiful small nutec home.

To Ronel Syfert, and our friends from Full House Furniture who ensured  the home to be fully furnished . Their donation included 2 single beds and Restonic mattresses, a bright red fridge, microwave oven, an oven/stove combo, stainless steel kettle, bedding and much more.

To Evans Denhere, our trusty nutec home builder who is evermore accommodating and more than happy to travel at 3 A.M. to arrive at Montagu at 5 A.M. to start working. He and his crew are exceptional.

  • Janette Ramsay, for the TV, and other goods for our new home, as well as  a R 1000.00 cash donation.
  • Kurt Peters, for the quality extension lead and spotlight.
  • John Hamman & Kidz Adventure Camp NPC K2011/123308/08, for donating furniture and blankets.
  • Bern Buchweitz Dorfman for the goods and cutlery.
  • Olin Kiewits from Change Agents South Africa, for sorting out the paperwork for this home and arranging things on the ground.

Be a change in a person’s life today, ensure a better world tomorrow. The beauty of this project – joining hands to uplift others.

Spasina’s home-church

Our sincere thanks to the Pastor, for the inspiring words at the unveiling of the home-church in Seder Ave. The presence of the Lord was felt and we trust that many lives will be touched here.

To Spasina who opened up her home and granted the space for the nutec home to be built. Her little home-church received an enclosed veranda, as well as a make-over – we thank you.

Tears were flowing as Carol presented them with a very symbolic cross made of seashells. The red ribbon was cut and the cross graciously received.

Thank you to Martie of Roeptv.com who captured all the special moments on film.

RAM’s birthday cocktails

Thank you to everyone that attended RAM’s birthday celebration, and for all the contributions and donations to ensure the success of the day. We shared so many special moments, the surprises flowed throughout the course of the day.