Youth Day June 2019

WA Rossouw Primary School Sick Room:

Youth Day gifting on the 17th of June 2019 in Montagu – hosted at W.A. Rossouw Primary School. Thank you to Principal Adams and staff for giving us the honor of putting smiles on the faces of the children.

We built and furnished a small sick room for a rural school in Montagu. Every sick child needs a safe place to recover, the distance to go home for these rural kids is vast – often walked by them on foot.

Our heartfelt thanks to Ragmat Baron who entered a Sasol competition on our behalf and won. We are so grateful to have been selected as their charity of choice. To add to the funds we received from Sasol,  John & Helen Cross from the UK donated to assist us in the building of the structure.

Thank you so much to all those who donated to ensure that our sick room was well equipped.

  • Flenter Hout Meubels for the custom made furniture : Head board, desk with drawers – with facility for FA Kit, full length mirror, chalk board.
  • Nicola – 2 small white guest towels.
  • Peninsula Beverages : First Aid Kit and Coca Cola.
  • Full House Furniture : brand new 3/4 bed & heater
  • Tasneem Peters : a comforter set
  • Sharon Hunlun : custom curtains & hot water bottle
  • Christy Haefele : Beating Heart SA
  • *Sick room:*
    • face cloths
    • 1x large towel
    • Pillow
    • 2x pillow cases (kiddy space themed)
    • Fitted sheet (kiddy space themed)
    • Fleece blanket
    • Large cuddly teddy and cuddly doggy.
    • Rhodes Quality foods : 1000 Small Juices, 1000 small jellies,
    • 100 x A3 Posters
  • *General*
    • 4 chess board sets
    • 76 soft toys/teddies
    • 20 large cars
    • 19 Large towels
    • 81 face cloths
    • 12 pairs of socks
    • 116 small toothpastes
    • 25 large toothpastes
    • 94 toothbrushes
    • 20 aqueous creams
    • 61 soaps
    • 11 scarves
    • 447 medium/large beanies
    • 95 small/baby beanies
    • 92 newborn/baby knitted sweaters
    • 13 medium finger-less gloves large towel


To Olin of Change Agents SA, as always very hands-on before, during and after the event.