Mandela Day 2019

Check out some of our amazing projects that we implemented for Mandela Day 2019. Thank you to all those who contributed to ensure the day was a success.

We are beyond thankful to Rheinette OaklandOakland Dairies, who donated  milk, yogurt, and cheese. We handed over the items at various places; our Early Childhood Development Schools (ECDs), Lingelihle Old Age Home, and the homeless people in Montagu.

A big shout out to Sharon Hunlun and Ruan Hunlan who assisted in the cutting of the 42 kg donated cheese into smaller pieces, so that we were able to share with many families.

We are always so grateful for the wonderful contributions towards the works in our rural areas. Our heartfelt thanks to Herbert Bührer for the 5 rolls of lovely protein. To Johanna Kotze and LHL for their wonderful donation of fruit and vegetables. Our food packages for the homeless were more than filling thanks to the kind sharing hearts of our donors.

We made a lovely macaroni ‘n cheese, and sweet delicacies to serve with a fruit salad for our Lingelihle Old Age Home in Zolani, Ashton.

The delicious pot went to Olin Kiewietz, who ensures bush and street people get warm meals. To Sharon Hunlun, who cooks for many elders in Montagu, a Kenwood electronic machine was donated.

We are beyond proud of all you do to assist our support base in Montagu. You are our angels helping us to make a difference serving the homeless in Montagu.

Fransie du Toit Primary School

In honour of Nelson Mandela Day, our colleagues in South Africa took some time out to support the incredible RAM charity.

We had an awesome time spoiling our young learners. Thank you principal Elrico Sylvester for making the necessary arrangements with the parents of these beautiful children.

Many thanks to Imagine Cruising SA and Imagine Holidays for the huge gift of a new fridge, microwave, urn and 7 heaters for the school.

Mandela Day spoils, spreading joy to our children.

Talana Primary School

What a beautiful day at Talana Primary School. Thank you Imagine Cruising SA , Imagine Holidays, and volunteer staff for spoiling our children with treats and  9 heaters.

What a warming gift!

Sakhikamva ECD

To our little children at Sakhikamva ECD; cold meat, yogurt, milk, eggs, sugar, Granola cereal, fish cakes, and vegetables were donated.

The same donation was given to our angel, who serves at a soup kitchen at a home-church. Her identity is to remain anonymous for security reasons. We ask that you continue to donate food, these amazing women do a sterling job in feeding so many children.


New home for deserving youngsters

So many thanks are in order for the assistance we received in helping these two young adults. From sad despair, they received their own beautiful little home through Olin Kiewietz of Change Agents SA.
Going forward, may your life ahead be safe and stress-free. This man is forever helping  RAM as much as we need hands. We are so glad we could help him at last.

Thank you for the awesome support to make this possible.

Computers for Montagu-Ashton Tourism Association

Thank you so so much Eugene Roderick Walker and Ikamva UBOMI for the 5 computers we delivered to Montagu-Ashton Tourism Association received by the manager, Mareletta Van Zyl Mundey

We also handed over keyboards, flutes, and a tambourine for their musical training of youth in Montagu. Thank you for receiving on our behalf Mareletta Van Zyl Mundey  the manager of Montagu Tourism. We would like to thank Herbert Bührer from Dare to Share, Johanna Kotze, and LHL for their wonderful donation towards the welfare of our youth.

Lingelihle Old Age Home in Ashton

Our elders at Lingelihle Old Age Home in Ashton receiving lovely warm clothing, knee blankets, yogurt, milk, apples, cold meat and Coca-Cola, as well as a new microwave!

Thank you angels, Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages, Full House Furniture, Johanna Kotze, Oakland Dairies, Dare to Share for making a difference.

Winelands SPCA

Thank you to an anonymous regular volunteer to RAM, who single-handedly got these donations with the greatest support.

We have 16 leads, 13 collars, 6 harnesses, 10 food bowls. That’s a whopping 45 items – ONE person! Thank you so much for your love for our rural animals.

Thank you, Lionel’s Choice Dog Food for the humongous donation of 459 kg dog food you gifted us. We are incredibly grateful to be part of this wonderful blessing to our animal shelter.

Thank you Mickayla Reeks for your school project, we invite you to join us again.

Fransie du Toit Primary trip to Cango Caves

Thank you Imagine Cruising SA & Imagine Holidays for transporting a farm school – Fransie du Toit Primary all the way from Montagu to Cango Caves in Oudtshoorn. Their lives have changed forever, for the better.

Thanks to Shoprite South Africa for the lovely Chicken Mayo sandwiches and bananas, Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages for some cold drinks, and Oakland Dairies for some juice for our children.

The trip was followed by a lovely lunch. No need for words, the smiles, the loving eyes, their sincerity said it all. Were it not for your donations, they would not have experienced such a trip from outside their rural farm surrounds. Thank you for making extended and multiple contributions to make Mandela Day so special.