Recent & Ongoing Projects

Winter outreach August 2016

Warm blankets, soup and bread for the elderly and a blanket and some shoes for the kiddies were delivered to very happy folk in August 2016.

These gifts and meals were received with such gratefulness. The folk are so orderly hoping they will receive something. Some extremely thin and in need of more help. Some although not the look of an undernourished body, are not in a good space and in other areas of need. We gave him a beautiful blanket which made him smile.

Thanks again and again to the wonderful staff of #imaginecruisingsa. We are so appreciative of your constant support of the less fortunate and truly make our job so fruitful knowing folk will be better off when we leave. Together we always leave our mark of improvements.

We can feed people, but it won’t keep them warm at night. For some we have seen them wear a blanket as a form of clothing as its all they have thats warm. Thumbs up to you.

To Mama Africa, Selestien Moses & her team of volunteers. Thank you for taking us around to show us where some of the most frail old folk are, to save them the burden of walking to us. Helping us serve the soup and bread and handing out blankets. So too the shoes and blankets for the kiddies. You are angels.

We did not cover nearly a fraction of what we hope to do, but with constant donations of blankets and warm clothing we can help more elderly and children. Winter is still with us so we hope we can make another trip soon.

Edit: We also delivered 20Lt container of cabbage stew at Lingelihle Old Age home in Zolani, Ashton.

Once again God blessed us with wonderful donations to help them in this way.

Some of our recipients:

Cape Town Trip for Talana Primary – opening up horizons

As part of our 5 year celebrations we took the children of Talana Primary (a farm school near Montagu) on a trip to Cape Town.

This was a dream come true for RAM. It was always our dream to bring these farm school kids to a city so that they can see what lies beyond farm roads. We need to break the cycle of poverty and give them a vision of what is possible!

Together with Imagine Cruising SA & UK and their staff, each child got a pair of school shoes, a goody bag, sweets & treats. Busses were sent to Montagu to bring this school to Cape Town and they returned home each with a pair of school shoes.

Knowing these kids didn't have shoes, there was some confusion at seeing many had some on....until I heard someone say the parents wanted the kids to "dress up" and loaned clothing/ shoes for the trip to the big city. Clearly many did not fit their feet properly!
Fortunately, the children were spoilt with a pair of their own shoes!! Each and every one ....the smiles, the disbelief on their faces were priceless. One boy sat looking at his pair...not the front, but the soles ...and kept saying “it's brand new”!

The kids were treated with lots of food, popcorn, party packs, sweets and treats, a backpack and lots more plus most importantly...a pair of school shoes.

A day to remember forever. Talana Scholars from rural Montagu will always look back at this day and know the world is so much bigger than a farm road and area. We went through to Montagu a week later to check on what they’ve learnt from the experience…and honestly everything we had hoped for, they absorbed. Our aim was to expose them to a life unknown to them so that they are inspired to better their situation. The answers were amazing...from all the ages. We were stunned at how accurately our purpose and message was taken.

Imagine Cruising SA & staff spoilt these children in such a huge way. An idea that was born after a visit to the school for an Easter Egg hunt, came full circle. Staff of Imagine Cruising, you are so amazing! Thank you for the utter spoils for these rural kids. What an awesome day! The face painting, nail painting, soccer was so much fun.


So many thank you's - please accept our apologies if we left anyone out.
Imagine Cruising SA
and staff.
Peninsula Beverages donated 24 x 1.5 lts of coke with glasses.
Sonnendal Dairies donated 500 yogurts.
Fleeting Time Photography (Pty) Ltd for the photography.
Our Rally Team 409 for bringing the car for the kids to enjoy and have photos taken.
LMC Project Management Pty Ltd for cash for purchases of Popcorn & koeksisters.
Deanne Vorster who is an editor (our own editor) and will prepare a news piece for our event.
Johan Scheepers donating 100 vienna's & rolls.
Amanda Callaghan for Tomato sauce and butter.
Benitha de Gouveia for JC's
Andriesa for sweets & treats
Kouthar Williams - getting the funding and frying off 200 koeksisters
Julian & Bronwyn Calvert – 20L cooldrink & cash towards koeksisters plus a carry bag full of sweets.
We are so blessed and thank each for helping Ram make a difference. Xxxx

Rally Team 409 supporting RAM

We are racing!
So now we are embraced by our Rally team and sporting Ram's logo on their vehicle. Our first exposure was in May 2016 in a Toyota Ceres Rally. Thanks to Team 409! Your support is awesome!

They are coming to support our Montagu kids next Saturday. So you will see our car. We will let the kiddies have photos taken by the car.


Update 5 June 2016 - We want to thank Team 409 for representing Ram at Rallys. They put down boxes for food collections. With winter on hand, we are needing dry soup ingredients / veg & especially meats for big pots of stews/curry. So too any food for food parcels. We like to cook a ready meal for our delivery days to give folk something warm with their parcels. Most still cook on fires, so a hot ready meal is always welcome. We are hoping to get to do this monthly. All help most appreciated.

Well done Team 409 with your race yesterday.


Message of Julian Calvert on Facebook
Hi all

As mentioned in the write up of the Toyota Ceres Rally, 14 May 2016. We at Team 409 have taken it upon ourselves to try to assist and promote RAM - Rescue Among Many Charity Projects. As much of the charity organizations, churches, government organization and NPOs we know of focus much of their work and projects to assist the communities in and around our towns and cities.

This results in very little being done for the communities in rural areas out of our towns and cities.

This is where RAM - Rescue Among Many Charity Projects comes in: RAM - Rescue Among Many Charity Projects is an organization that focuses all its efforts on assisting those communities in those far reaching places in rural areas. Where you find the same issues and in some cases even much worse conditions than you would find in and around our towns and cities.

That is also why as Team 409, we have taken it upon ourselves to try to assist and promote RAM - Rescue Among Many Charity Projects, as our sport is normally run in those far reaching places in rural areas. Where all of us as competitors, marshals, officials, organisers, clubs and supporters normally go out for the day for the enjoyment of our sport. But we do not realize and normally see the hardship and the conditions in which those communities live in day to day.

RAM - Rescue Among Many Charity Projects would appreciate your assistance with regards to donations of funding, all types of food for the making up of food parcels, clothing, odd kitchenware, blankets, etc. Basically any other items you may have in and around your home or place of business that you are no longer using that can be used by some one less fortunate. With winter at hand RAM - Rescue Among Many Charity Projects is currently looking for soup ingredients to provide the less fortunate with a warm meal.

RAM - Rescue Among Many Charity Projects is an organization that supports children, the elderly and animal shelters in Rural Areas. So please have a look, check out and like the RAM - Rescue Among Many Charity Projects Facebook page and please try to assist where you can.

God Bless you all!!!

#Team 409, Rallying is a TEAM EFFORT

RAM makes a difference in April 2016

Donations delivered in April 2016 to rural areas in the Western Cape.

Hospice Roberson - linen (check the smiles) These folk do a sterling job and appreciate anything they can get to make their job lighter. They home care many.
Bram Frail Care Centre - Ashton - linen, yogurts, fin heater, cot
Lingelihle old age home, Zolani - food, meat, curtains, curtain rails, cooked stew, cooked soup.
Huis Uitvlucht Old Age Home, Montagu - yogurts.
Huis van Veldin, a hostel in Montagu - linen, pillows, blankets, yogurts, wall paint.
Hospice Montagu - clothing & kitchenware
Ashbury Primary School, Montagu - Stationery, sweets, socks.
Talana Primary on farm road, Montagu - stationary and sweets & treats.


Lingelihle Old Age Home staff were in tears of relief for the food. So too thanked God for the curtains and rails which will help to make them compliant as an establishment, therefore ensuring they may receive more old folk intake, which will relieve their broken cash flow. They just need another R4000 for relocating their sluice to make them compliant. Can we make this happen for them?

UPDATE: Read more here on how we completed this project in June 2016...


Another eye opener for me was Huis van Veldin children’s hostel. The children must bring their own bedding and for many they do not sleep on pillows at home on weekends so do not have any to bring along. Together with the linen and paint donation, we will take photos of the transformation. We want to thank the cook who so kindly made us a lasagne and salad knowing we were off our feet and not up to cooking for ourselves. How awesome was that of her. We enjoyed it a lot and have more for today. Hugs.


Then our children at Ashbury Primary School who are mentally challenged. Here teacher Henda teaches them awesome skills. They use beads to make jewellery, this helps with their eye coordination. She teaches them baking skills too. But on a Friday, its a day of fun...leisure baking and eating. Plus watching DVD's ....but sadly the DVD machine and radio was stolen recently. Should anyone have one to spare please get in touch. It would mean so much to them.


UPDATE: Thanks to Robin Benting for donating a TV and DVD machine in June 2016.

More DVD's from Robin was handed over to Amanda from Lingelihle old age home in Zolani. Thank you Robin, these gifts are most appreciated.



Blessings in abundance! Thanks to these people and companies for donating generously for our April 2016 delivery:

Panorama Medi Clinic for lots and lots of linen, blankets, pillows, baby clothes and blankets, coverings and towels. A beautiful cot.
Imagine Cruising SA and staff for lots of stationery.
Sonnendal Dairy for donating 1000 yogurts.
Goodwood SAPS staff Babie, Nolene, Jane, Deliah, Rona donating lots of tinned foods and cooked soup.
SARS Bellville staff donating loads of vegetables, potatoes, onions & tinned foods, bedding, duvet sets. Thanks to Andriesa Jacobs for arranging. We don’t have all the names but thank you xx
Marianne & Irene van Dyk for loads of pasta and tuna.
Lions Club Edgemead for the sweets/treats arranged by Allan Donaldson
Laminin Paints Somerset West for 20 litres of paint. Owner DJ vd Merwe we are grateful. Thanks to Jenny Liebenberg for arranging.
Renette Reid for arranging soup powder with her company. That soup saved us many a day.
Deon Snyders for 10kg soya mince - this mince also saved many a day for Ram.
Supertrax CC for supplying us with curtain rails at cost price for Lingelihle Old Age Home, otherwise it would have been impossible to purchase.
Viking Fishing Waterfront Trust Fund for donating R5000 towards purchasing the rails. Thanks to Devi Frenchman for arranging.

Here we can clearly see how each played a role however big or small, together collectively we made a difference. You made RAM very proud. We salute you!

January Food Drive 2016

What a fantastic feeling we experienced once again...

In a very poor area where work is mostly seasonal 3 months a year and early grants paid in December, we had many smiles and thank you's from very warm hearts. We were thanked over and over.

We fed 108 children, 43 families with cooked meals in Asbury, Montagu.
Plus each family received 3 food parcels.1 containing Dry foods, 1 with Potatoes/Onions and 1 with wet foods, Chicken Breasts and margarine.
We need to give huge thanks to Imagine Cruising SA for enabling us with funds to purchase these foods.
Thanks to Dulcie and staff at Sakhikamva ECD for allowing us to use the grounds and controlling the event.

Other recipients from Imagine Cruising SA donation:-

SPCA in Ashton:
A stand fan was highest on their wish list as the vets/staff need some cooling while doing operations on our 4 legged patient friends. We are elated to have helped them with one. But will need to get one for the office as its very hot in there. So too 10 each of A4 counter books, Exercise books, A5 Exercise, 5 A6 note pads, 20 Ballpoint pens, 6 container hand wipes, 3 Pump hand soaps plus 3 1lt refills & Box photocopy paper. A huge container of soft toys too.


Lingelihle Old Age Home in Zolani, Ashton:
Delivered an industrial gas 3 plate cooker, plus each elderly received a Hotdog, packet of biscuits & sweets. This home is in a very poor area and stealing of electrical cables is rife. The home constantly needed to find places in either Robertson or Montagu that will allow them to cook meals for the old folk when there was no electricity. No more they are now sorted with a gas cooker and can continue to run the home doing other important things. We are so pleased with this gift.


From Sonnendal Dairies: we received 780 yogurts.
This was divided up between all the children above, families, Sakhikamva ECD, Lingelihle Old Age Home, Huis Uitvlucht, Bram Frail Care Centre and tomorrow we will hand over 100 to Jenny Moors of Weskus Helpers NPO in Vredenburg.
We cannot thank you enough for your generous donation.


Other thank you's:
Sharon Hunlun: Ram's Montagu arm supplied a humongous pot of Butternut & Chicken Mince thick soup. This was part of our feeding scheme as above.
Sharon accompanied us from the first drop off until the last. Thank you Sharon as always you are so dependable and very giving. You make RAM proud. Sharon's been with RAM for about 3 years now.

Alvin Oldale: Giving us his Vito bus for deliveries. You are an amazing person and have carried us in this venture for 4 years 8 months and I cannot thank you enough.

Steve Bruton: Without you, we would not be able to do this job. You are all strength and the hardest worker in the RAM family. Know we are very grateful.

Renette Read: thanks to your company, we handed out a 500g bag of dry soup powder to each and every family. That will keep them going with a slice of bread for the non-food days. It’s delicious and nutritional.

TO ALL OF YOU: Who brought soft toys for the animals, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. It means more than we could say, SPCA is very grateful. We are still collecting should anyone still want to donate. Thanks Deon Snyders for the ones you will be donating for the next delivery. Truly appreciate!

To an anonymous friend: thank you for the unused wheelchair you donated to RAM. Please know it means so much to Bram Frail Care Centre.

Lesley Adams & Donald Manual:- 2 Bags of chips (100 packets) dealt out to the children.

To Andriesa Jacobs, Dawn Apsey & Christelle thank you for helping with parcel packing. xxx

Desire October I know you offered a day leave to help but I landed in hospital, however we really appreciate the offer!

What an event for Ram. What a blessing to all. Thank you Lord.